‘Unsafe assembly’, CLR errors in SQL logs and solution script

This problem occurs because the login that you use to create the database on Server A is not in the instance of SQL Server 2005 on Server B. This login could be either the Microsoft Windows login or the SQL Server login.
What you need to do is to change the owner of database(s) to ‘SA’ if not so.
Following script with database owner changing script for all the databases that need this change leaving out System, readonly databases and also the ones where SA is already set as the owner

select 'use [' + name + '] EXEC sp_changedbowner sa' , 
owner_sid   ,  is_read_only from sys.databases
	where is_read_only =0 and database_id >4 and owner_sid <> 0x01

Once the script is generated. Go through the list and then apply it to the ones where applicable and known to not cause any issues. Such as in the case where this required for a valid technical reason including requirement from software vendors.

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