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How to get GDPR compliant with Microsoft

When the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is introduced next year, the bar for data privacy protection in the UK will be raised. For thousands of businesses GDPR highlights daunting issues of compliance. Organisations that fail to comply with

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SQL Tip: Changing Database names along with file names (logical and physical)

Sometimes you need to rename a databases. Although it seems pretty easy to rename it on the surface. However for long term maintainability it is crucial that the underlying logical files and physical files also reflect the changes. Without the

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Encrypt SQL Server connections

SQL Server connections can and should be encrypted where possible but must when passing through public circuits. The overview of the process of setting up SQL Server connection encryption is as follows. Get a certificate issued by the CA in

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Add local windows Administrators group to SQL Logins

Adding Windows groups (local or domain) based security is best practice as it can help you in a situation where you loose credentials potentially. You want to add Local Windows Administrators group to have SA or any other permissions in

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